Food just tastes better when it’s made from the heart, it’s simple!

From wandering through the farmers markets of South London to clambering through the shelves in my local deli shop in Earlsfield, I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with local producers. Their inspiring stories, adventurous products and above all else passion for their products wins me over every time I step up to their counter to play battle of the sales negotiations…ending up 3 products heavier, but smile much wider every time!

In the UK we’re lucky enough to have an abundance of delicious produce and ingredients at our fingertips. Combine this with the adventurous and creative food experimenters of the British public and the result is pantries full of delicious products for us to cook with.

Wandsworth farmers market in Local Pantry Recipe Box

But, if you’re anything like me you’ll have found yourself buying these local products, cooking with them on the day and then leaving the remainder of the jar or packet in the pantry or fridge. Despite being beyond delicious, sometimes I just couldn’t seem to think of ideas to plan the products into my upcoming meals. Now this is crazy right?! A delicious product from an inspiring producer used just once before being kept in a cupboard until I could think of the next dish to put it in. Genuine light bulb moment – what if everyone else was the same as me?

Local Pantry Marvellous Meat Recipe Box

This got me thinking, why not create a recipe kit box that not only sources local producers from across the UK but, more importantly, includes recipes showing how to cook with their amazing products? Local producers put their heart and soul into their products and this would make sure no tasty condiment or ‘to die for’ porcini mushrooms sat at the back of a British pantry from here onwards!

Challenge accepted!!

So, a few months later and multiple farmers markets later, after hours of hilarious conversations with the producers of Local Pantry and plate upon plates of mouth-watering recipes…welcome to Local Pantry!

Why choose Local Pantry...

Supporting Producers

Our aim is to actively support passionate and small scale producers from across the UK

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We’ve searched all over the UK to bring you unique producers with flavourful products right to your doorstep!

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All our recipes are easy to follow and are full of flavoursome produce catering to a variety of diets