Emmer Mezzi Rigatoni

Emmer Mezzi Rigatoni pasta by Pastificio Carleschi Local Producer in Local Pantry Recipe Box


A delicious switch to the norm, introducing Emmer Mezzi Rigatoni.

An ancient grain, Emmer is simple goodness at its finest known as Farro in Italy. Rich in fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins, it’s deliciously nutritious from Pastificio Carleschi. With a short wide tube shape this pasta is perfect for pairing with recipes that have a lot of sauce. Heroing a   hazelnut, toasted walnut and dark chocolate flavour, which means you’ll have lots of plate envy when you’re serving up!

All natural


Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate flavour

Artisanal small batch pasta


Serving suggestion: Serve with a dish that demands lots of sauce, such as a homemade pesto or a creamy mushroom dish. Pasta & sauce may be simple, but it’s simple flavours at its finest!

Storing instructions: Store in a cool dry place

Plastic bag is fully compostable, sleeve is fully recyclable


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