Hodmedod's Smoked Quinoa


Smoked to perfection, introducing Hodmedod’s Smoked Quinoa.

Home grown in Essex, Hodmedod’s brings us a quinoa born from a love affair of 20 years from Peter Fairs fields’. Nurtured from seed to plate, the nutty wholegrain flavour has been picked up a notch by traditionally smoking the grains over oak and beech by Rob Morton in his Norfolk smokehouse. Balancing bags of flavour with nutritional benefits this is a great alternative to rice or lentils in a south & central American dinner dish!


UK produced

Plant based protein

Nutty & Soft smokey flavour


Cooking instructions: Boil 300ml of water in a pot. Once boiling add seasoning or half a vegetable stock cube and pour in 100g of the Hodmedod’s smoked quinoa, leave to cook for 10 to 15 mins. Add more water if needed.

Serving suggestion: A delicious accompaniment to pan fried cod with a fresh herb dressing or mixed with chopped parsley and mint for a summer salad like no other!

Storing instructions: Store in a cool dry place.


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