Hodmedod's Spelt Flour


Think sweet, pillowy, wholemeal goodness, introducing Hodmedod’s Spelt Flour.

An ancient grain with over 7,000 years under its belt, it balances nutritional goodness with a delicious sweet, nutty flavour. Having a bit of a resurgence, we’re finding it more and more in our British farms and as an ingredient in baking. Perfect for individuals that can’t digest the more modern wheats you can find in the supermarket baked goods, it’s also extremely versatile and with Hodmedod’s nod to quality perfection the stoneground process for this spelt flour makes it top of our list in our store cupboard!


UK produced

Stoneground wholemeal

Sweet & Nutty flavour


Cooking instructions: Use as you would any other flour and enjoy the nutty taste of this amazing flour!

Serving suggestion: Simply perfect for baking breads, pastry or cakes, it’s a new flour adventure for you to cook with!

Storing instructions: Store in a cool dry place.


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