Hodmedod's Whole Blue Peas


Humble pea of the world, introducing Hodmedod’s Whole Blue Peas.

Flavourful and nutrition packed, they’re a win, win sort of pea! Low in calories and high in nutrients they’re perfect for adding to dishes to make the meal feel a bit fuller without adding on the calories. A soft blue colour, when soaked and cooked they hold their shape adding a lovely sweet flavour to dishes. Thank you for introducing us Hodmedod’s to our next favourite pea (after the iconic British sweet pea of course)!


UK produced

Plant based protein

Delicate sweet flavour

Cooking instructions: Place your whole blue peas in a bowl, covered with cold water and leave to soak overnight. This will help to soften the peas before you start cooking. Now drain and rinse your whole blue peas. Place a pot of water on the hob, when boiling add the peas, a pinch of salt and reduce to a medium heat. Put the lid on and cook for 40 mins until soft.

Serving suggestion: Perfect accompaniment to south Asian cuisine or  dishes that pack a bit of spice! Think of them as a tasty alternative to chickpeas, so basically perfect in curries, Indian inspired side salads or fried quickly for a tasty snack.

Storing instructions: Store in a cool dry place.


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