Kensal Provisions Abuela's Super Sauce


A Mexican sauce like no other, introducing Abuela’s Super Sauce by Kensal Provisions.

Now you might think that this is just your average Mexican sauce, we’re pleased to say you’re entirely wrong! Taking serious attention to detail Asia has created a smokey chilli sauce that uses four types of dried Mexican chillies, which she charrs, rehydrates overnight and blends with a combination of herbs, spices and vinegars to create a beautifully balanced sauce that is the perfect flavour enhancer.


No preservatives


Homemade in small batches


Serving suggestion: Very versatile, switch up your weekend brunch with a spoonful on your eggs, pour generously over your vegetable enchiladas or marinate your meat in it, grill & serve with coriander rice for a flavourful weeknight dish.

Storing instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep in the fridge & use within 2 weeks.


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