Kensal Provisions Silk Road Oil


Heroing the spices and oils of the Silk Road, introducing Silk Road Oil by Kensal Provisions.

A homage to the Spice Route, known as the Silk Road, that has been travelled for centuries to transport and trade the fragrant edible riches of the planet. Made with single-source cold-pressed Rapeseed oil and a curated blend of spice seeds, powders, garlic, raw English honey, the heat of chili flakes and Himalayan salt. This is an infused oil packed with flavour, but perfectly balanced for a harmonious edition to your dishes. We say drizzle on almost anything!  


No preservatives

Flavourful, infused oil

Handmade in small batches


Serving suggestion: Drizzle over roasted vegetables or over pan fried fish, a perfect complement to most dishes! Adding an abundance of delicious flavour to simple dishes, making it easy to plate up flavourful food every night.

Storing instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep in the fridge & use within a month.


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