Nana's Garam Garlic Chutney


A flavour explosion in a jar, introducing Nana’s Garam Garlic Chutney.

Experience the exoticness of India in each spoonful and be transported on rainy Winter afternoons to warmer climates! Made in small batches in Nana’s home kitchen, each jar is a limited edition taste of Vandana’s experienced palate and cooking expertise. Combining fresh ground garlic, Indian garam masala and a carefully tailored blend of spices, this is a mediumly spiced chutney that you won’t be able to get enough of!

√ 100% Plant Based

√ Fresh Spices, Sweet & Flavourful

√ Homemade in small batches

√ Free from Additives & Preservatives

Serving suggestion: The perfect accompaniment to Asian style dishes, whether drizzling on top of lentil sides, vegetable stir fries or used as a base to curries. The sauce’s simple, fresh & spicy flavours will be the perfect cooking partner you never knew you needed!

Storing instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep in the fridge & use within 1 month.


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